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SUMMER CREATIVE ARTS CAMP, four amazing sessions, age 5-16. A fun-filled chance to widen your musical experience, with new friends, new confidence and new skills.
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Where Knowledge and Fun are One

Whether you want to compete in prestigious competitions or play an instrument just for the joy of making music, Keys for Kids will help you and your child achieve your goals.

With dynamic programs and outstanding teachers for every age, Keys for Kids maintains the highest standards of excellence in a warm, supportive environment that focuses on the joy of music.

Our Keys for Kids® education program for kids ages 3 and up has garnered praise from students, parents, and leading music educators.

Selecting only the best from Russian, Japanese and American traditional teaching methods and combining them with new innovations, this unique program brings out children’s musical talent and inspires students through their own success.

Shy or star, your child will be motivated and involved with hands-on, personalized instruction.

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I joined my daughter into Kinder Keys1  class after hearing wonderful comments about Inga’s teaching style from my own Indian classical music students.
Inga embodies the elements of an excellent music teacher, and inspires the children in her class to succeed. She gives great focus on all the important elements: good fingering, posture, attitude, respect (for the teacher, class and the music), and love for the music itself.  Her encouragement to all students to practice is both strict, and goal-oriented, but with lots of positive reinforcement as students progress. She has taken the complex theory of classical music and linked it to stories that children can easily remember and apply: in short, she has made it fun!  I look forward to joining my son in her program as well, and thank her immensely for the sincere guidance she is providing my daughter.

As a music teacher myself, I have such respect for her approach and interaction style with her students. Her program is one that I would encourage parents to seriously consider.
Meena Kothandaraman, parent, professional musician


Starting music lessons in the Keys for Kids group setting was perfect for my 5 year old son. The keyboard, ear training, sight reading, and theory exercises were skillfully interwoven with fun, age- appropriate rhythm games. The friendly, encouraging atmosphere relaxed my son, made the learning pleasurable, and nurtured his deep love for music. As a result his confidence soared along with his skills and knowledge. Graduation from group classes have lead to terrific private piano lessons, and Jackson was really ready to zoom ahead on his own because he already had such a solid base. Music continues to be a major part of his life and I will forever be indebted to Inga for her wonderful teaching.
Maggy Gorrill, parent, professional musician


The Keys for Kids program is an exceptionally well designed sequential piano program that allows young children to learn a variety of basic piano and musicianship skills. Students and parents alike learn and grow together, and the results are truly impressive, with end of the semester recitals where students perform a variety of musical pieces with confidence and pride. It is a wonderful program for children to experience the joys of music making, building blocks of music theory, and learning to read music on the piano.
James O'Dell, Assistant Dean, Boston Conservatory 



My daughter's response of 'Excellent' to my daily question of 'How was camp today?' is exactly how I would describe our experience with the Keys for Kids summer camp. Inga and her staff do an amazing job with the children. My daughter learned about the violin, piano, guitar, singing and acting, just to name a few, all of which culminated in an amazing performance on the last day of camp. I doubt there is another camp that is as fun, organized and productive as the Keys for Kids summer camp. The student to teacher ratio is also very small. I will without hesitation sign my daughter up again next year. It truly is 'Excellent.'
Monica Elmore, parent

For our family, finding Keys for Kids was a life-changing event.  My daughter started the group piano lessons in fourth grade, against the advice of "experts" who discouraged us because they thought she was too old.  
That was seven years ago, and now my child plays piano at a level that we never would have dreamed.  Thanks to the superlative instruction she has received through the program, she has won gold medals and national recognition for her piano technique.  

Our house is filled with music as our daughter plays her heart out.  She excels in her schoolwork and other activities and I believe much of this is due to the focus and work ethic she developed in Keys for Kids training.  Inga is a highly accomplished music educator and pianist, as well as a mother of four.  She understands children and knows how to bring out the best in them.   She has clear expectations and takes a personal interest in every one of her students and because of this, there has never been a day when we've had to remind our daughter to practice.

Keys for Kids have a talented faculty, and it has everything that we were looking for in a music program.  Regardless of age, if you really want your child to learn to play an instrument, you owe it to him/her to explore Keys for Kids!
Mary Stone, parent

I was skeptical when I signed Daniel for the group piano lesson, but I wanted to give it a try since I like the philosophy posted on the web site.  Now more than two years later, Daniel and I are still enjoying the lessons every week.  I am amazed all the time as how much a good instructor and an appropriate program can do!  Teaching is an art and teachers at Keys for Kids have mastered this art to the highest level! I just cannot say enough good things about our classes.
Jing Chen, parent

Keys for Kids was a fabulous way for my son to learn how to play piano in a fun way. As a parent, I appreciated being a part of the group classes and having the knowledge to support my child practicing at home. I was impressed by the creative and innovative lesson plans to make theory, ear training and playing come to life. Ten years later, my son is still continues his lessons at Keys for Kids and playing in a jazz band at his high school.
Daniel commented to me on what progress he feels that he's made and how much he's enjoyed his lessons.
I know he feels a sense of joy and calm by playing music.
I am amazed that Daniel has never brought up dropping piano, and I think that's in large measure due to your incredible teaching and personality
Priscilla Cohen, parent

My 6 year old and I joined Mini Keys class and progressed through it smoothly up to Super Keys level this summer, when we moved to LA. We both enjoyed the class thoroughly and learned a lot. I was very happy that parents are included in a group class and that they learn enough during class to be able to help their kids with practice at home. My daughter loved her class and learned a lot.
I was very pleasantly surprised when we started piano lessons in LA last week, and the new teacher immediately commented on how impressed he is with my daughter's piano skills, technique and knowledge of music theory. The new teacher immediately acknowledged that my daughter must have had a great piano teacher. And he is right.  At 6 years, my daughter completely surpasses anything we could do on the piano, even as adults.
Shahira B., parent



We love Keys for Kids!  The curriculum is very effective and kid-friendly.  With this method, our children have quickly learned how to play the piano...and it's been fun along the way!  But even more important to us, it integrates music theory with the practice.  So, our children are becoming literate, thinking musicians.  They can analyze and understand the pieces they play. This program develops the fingers and the brain giving our three children a solid foundation in piano practice and music theory for the life time.
Lex Johnson, Isaiah, Rebeccca and Caleb's Mom


Our son experienced the entire Keys-for-Kids program as well as 4 years of private lessons at Keys for Kids, and we can’t recommend the program highly enough. Inga has an incredibly fun and unique style of teaching that mixes in music theory at a very young age, in a way that’s easy for children to understand and apply. We’re constantly amazed at her creativity and inspired by her teaching methods. We feel lucky to have started our son with her program at a young age. It’s created an incredible musical foundation on which he will most likely build throughout his life.
Jennifer Richlin, parent

I took piano lessons for many years when I was young, and really never learned how to read music. I have learned more about piano and teaching in the first two sessions, than I learned in years when I was young. 
Nancy Hamawy, parent

I can't even begin to tell you how much Dominic loves the program.  He loves the lessons, loves talking about them, even thinks going twice a week would be great (because "you are fun" as he said).  
I am in awe that just after 3 months, Dominic can mix right and left hand, understands fifths, seconds, thirds, an introduction to key signatures, sharps, flats, and can read all the notes from Low B to High D.  And he loves coming to piano class - which is the most beautiful thing about it all
As always it is a pleasure and I continue to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming!
Thanks to what I am learning with Dominic in the class, now I CAN PLAY the first 3 songs in level 3 book.  I AM SO EXCITED I can hardly speak.  These songs are tremendously lovely and beautiful. I cannot believe that I am able to play two different rhythms on my left hand while my right hand is playing a different rhythm! (I wouldn't have even thought such a thing was possible).  And now I actually understand what I am playing. A veritable Miracle :)
We are having a BLAST! 
Cyndi Stangl, parent

Yesterday Matt performed two songs on a piano at his school concert. He stood up with calm and much focused look on his face, marched across the gym to the piano, sat down, and without a trace of hesitation, played his two songs fluidly and without a single mistake. He then got up and marched calmly back to his seat.
I was so proud I was about to bust. And this is a kid who two years ago, if three people accidentally happened to look at him at the same time he would get stage fright and burst into tears.
Piano has been a great experience for him.
Rod Cole, parent

And may I take this opportunity to thank you, not only for the fine work you have done with my two little ones, but also for confirming brilliantly my suspicion of 30 years ago that piano instruction, just like language instruction, was overdue for a proper makeover.  I have an MA in Linguistics, and the old Latin model of language instruction is somewhat like the old scale-and-memory-please-don't-teach-solfege-for-at-least-eight-years method.  My son and I both wish that we had been taught by you. 
Thank you, and bless you for being such a genuinely brilliant teacher.
Caroline Thorndike Weinberg, grandparent


I've just graduate from high school, and spent my busy senior year applying to colleges. I actually wrote my college essay about you, and wanted you to read it.  I wrote it to thank you for being one of the best teachers I've ever had. I've never had a teacher make me work as hard as you did, but at the same time show me how much I could do when I worked. Being taught by you gave me something to measure all my other work against, and I have to say, I really learned when I was working, and when I wasn't. I can still hear your voice sometimes, pushing me to work my true hardest instead of just enough. And I still pick up old pieces, and even a few new ones here and there, because you really made me love music!
I've been accepted to Harvard this fall (with this essay about you, so I think you deserve some credit!). I really wanted to thank you for teaching me about so much more than music, and helping me get to where I am today.
Thank You,
Ariane Berelowitch, Keys for Kids alumni


I started in Keys for Kids eleven years ago when I was in kindergarten. I loved the classes and later on my private piano lessons at the studio. Now I’m 16, devote much of my free time to my musical activities, and my high school music theory teacher thinks I’m “a genius.”  Thank you Inga!
Jackson Thea, Keys for Kids alumni




I came to Keys for Kids as a fourth grader, and entered into group lessons with kids two and three years younger than me.  What I thought would be a very easy time turned out to be an appropriate challenge, one that was extremely fulfilling. Now, after six years of lessons, I am playing music I never dreamed of playing.  Once a month, we attend theory classes, in which we study composers, music styles, and technical aspects of music.  These classes are a lot of fun, and there is a great team spirit among our group members.  Theory lessons expose us to different aspects of our own repertoire that we may not have noticed before.  There is a perfect balance of discipline and encouragement.  I will always love playing piano, and the skills I have gained as a student will always be with me.
Lauren Stone, Keys for Kids alumni