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See May 2016 Performance Gala VIDEO!
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Congratulations to all PERFORMANCE GALA participants! See PHOTOS on Keys for Kids Facebook!
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SUMMER CREATIVE ARTS CAMP, four amazing sessions, age 5-16. A fun-filled chance to widen your musical experience, with new friends, new confidence and new skills.
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NEW Keys for Kids VIDEO has been just released! Enjoy all seven minutes of this fun and informative video
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Methodology / Curriculum    

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Music education can enhance a student’s listening skills, attention span, and critical thinking abilities along with encouraging the development of fine motor skills, increasing self-confidence and building self-esteem.

Keys for Kids courses are strategically designed with age-appropriate activities and exercises selected to create a well-defined progression of musical concepts and skills.

Classes cater to students between the ages of 3 and 11 in carefully selected small groups of parent-child teams according to age, skill level, and musical goals.

The specific sequence of musical concepts are selected to complement the capabilities and attention span of children of all ages while evolving into increasingly technical concepts including music theory, sight-reading, ear training, and instrumental expertise.

Regular performances and annual recitals provide opportunities for students to not only showcase what they’ve learned, but provide a venue for them to build confidence.

While classes are taught on the piano, children develop a wide range of musical proficiencies that would be useful for any instrument they may later choose.

As graduates of the program, students emerge as independent, thoughtful, and critical musicians with a strong foundation in reading, writing, performing, understanding, and, most importantly, loving music.

Keys for Kids does all this in a fun, interactive, social, and encouraging environment that establishes a lifelong appreciation of music.

(Schedule, Tuition)

While classes are taught on the piano, children develop a wide range of musical skills and knowledge that will be useful for any instrument they may later choose. Music is mental, physical, and emotional and Keys for Kids® helps children develop all three aspects while having fun and building self-confidence. With the Keys for Kids® methodology students can start at any age:

Teeny Keys© (3 to 4 year old beginners)
A dynamic one year course with fun ear and rhythm training activities, movement, solfege singing, keyboard playing, and learning to read music. The elements of music are presented in a colorful, interactive, and unforgettable way with movement and stories reinforcing musical concepts. Child and parent bond as a music team with workbooks providing weekly exercises in class and at home. Children develop a firm musical foundation in an enjoyable and encouraging environment.

Mini Keys© (4 to 5 year old beginners)
An exciting first music experience with age-appropriate introductions to solfege singing, keyboard playing, ear and rhythm training, movement, and reading music. The elements of music are introduced in an interactive way to best take advantage of a child's memory and enthusiasm. Child and parent bond as a music team both in class and at home. Enjoyment and encouragement are emphasized as children develop a firm musical foundation which can be applied to any future instrument.

Kinder Keys© (6 to 7 year old beginners)
A comprehensive beginner’s course incorporating all of the Mini Keys® activities (modified for the more advanced abilities of this age group), plus creative and ensemble activities. A wide variety of games and exercises inspire enthusiasm and confidence, and reinforce musical concepts. This engaging and exciting environment introduces children to the same notation and techniques used by generations of musicians and composers. Child and parent work as a music team in class and at home with workbooks providing weekly exercises.

Super Keys© (8 to 12 year old beginners)
A fast-paced, comprehensive beginner’s course incorporating an introduction of the Kinder Keys® activities, plus more advanced music theory and exercises that take advantage of this group’s greater ability to analyze patterns (melodies, harmonies, rhythm, etc.) and memorize. New musical elements are reinforced through a variety of individual and ensemble keyboard activities. Students learn to transpose, compose, perform solos, and develop ensemble technique by being part of a keyboard orchestra. Parent participation is strongly encouraged.